ASA Awards Scheme

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We currently run the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) which was revised in  January 2009


It was introduced alongside the old scheme to enable swimmers to continue to improve and to allow a wider range of incentives especially at the lower levels.


The current scheme is heavily loaded on learning buoyancy skills, streamlining, and ALL FOUR of the competitive strokes from the beginning which means that it may take a little longer to achieve some of the new awards The first four Stages concentrate on buoyancy skills and body position skills. An effective leg kick is expected on all four strokes at stage 4 and should comply with current ASA law. It is really important to gain these skills as second nature before they learn the full strokes. Stages 5 - 7 would be the top end of learning to swim and should be a good grounding for entry to a local swimming club, so swimmers should know the basic rules of the sport too. Stages 8,9 & 10 should reflect the skills of a competitive swimmer and would benefit from swimming more that just one half hour session a week.


Distance badges can be available from 5m in all four strokes although the older style distance award will be available until further notice.


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Block Stage 1—Ducklings              Orange

Block Stage 2—Ducks                     Yellow

Block Stage 3—Pool Frogs             Green

Block Stage 4—Sea Horses          Pink/Indigo

Block Stage 5—StingRays              Blue

Block Stage 6—Sharks                    Red

Block Stage 7—Dolphins                Violet